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  Weddings and Engagements

  Finding the right photographer can be difficult

You're getting married! Congrats! Now for the hard part, planning the wedding.

When picking your photographer there is much to consider. Sure, they are the obvious questions, are they good? Do they fit my budget? But there are also other, equally important questions you might not have considered. Is my photographer a match for me? Does my photographer keep me stress free? Does my photographer tell MY Story?


Allow me to put you at ease and hopefully, make this the most effortless decision you've had to make outside of saying "yes". In my career I have helped capture the stories of over 100 couples. Though I have set wedding packages, I understand that no two weddings are the same and neither is yours. I have photographed weddings in rain and snow, blinding sunlight and dark churches. What some consider the obstacles of a wedding photographer I call an opportunity for photos that no one can duplicate.


I am an artist, and you are my canvas. Let me use every tool at my disposal to tell YOUR story. 


Wedding Packages start at $2500 

Contact me below for my pricing guide to find what's for you



Engagement Photos
With a booked wedding I do a free mini shoot, this is not that. This is a full shoot. What does that mean for you? 1 Hour instead of 30 minutes, an outfit change, and 100+ photos instead of 50. $350



Planning on proposing? Give her an extra surprise she'll love. Have a place in mind? If not, that's okay let's find the perfect place, doesn't matter where. I've been as subtle as dressing up as a college student to as over the top as a full Gillie Suit, anything to help give you the perfect shot of her saying "yes!" $350


Having a really small wedding? Or just trying to get out of inviting that crazy uncle?  No problem, that just means more time for both of you to be together. This plan is custom to your wedding day. starting $1200

                     Nice to meet you, I'm Dayton

I'm a Nashville photographer who balances life between what is normal and what is new, finding beauty in ordinary and extraordinary. On your wedding day I will be your stress-free guide, because there should be no stress at YOUR wedding.

From the multiple wedding I have witness. The only thing YOU should be focused on is enjoying your wedding and being in the moment.

Your photographer is someone you'll be with the entire day, so obviously you want some you along with right! Let's go get some mexican food and see if we get along.

I can't wait to tell your story!

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Here is a glimpse of their stories

Ask your questions here

 Fill this out for my pricing guide and more information, or email me at

Thank You, I'll get back to you soon!

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